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Drug Rehab South Dakota

Drug addiction in South Dakota has risen steadily in the last several years, thus increasing the dire need for more quality drug rehab programs in the state. In choosing a drug rehab in South Dakota, it is important to choose a facility that maintains a high rate of success in regard to the treatment of drug addiction. The most important goal of a quality drug rehab center in South Dakota should be to support the individual by developing a personalized treatment plan that will give them the tools that are necessary to help them to successfully overcome their drug addiction. There are many different types of drug rehab facilities that offer a wide array of treatment options. A counselor at a South Dakota drug rehab can help to explain all of the different drug rehab options such as inpatient, outpatient, long term and short term. The drug rehab counselor can also assist you in determining which type of drug addiction recovery program would be the most advantageous for you or your loved one. It is important to contact a drug rehab at the very first sign of a drug addiction problem.

The harmful effects of a long term drug addiction can negatively impact an individual's mind, body, and spirit. A person that is involved in an ongoing substance abuse problem can experience many negative physical effects; some of these affects may linger, even after the individual stops using drugs. The negative effects of substance abuse on the family are too numerous to list. One of the most prominent hallmarks of a drug addiction is that the user is preoccupied with thoughts of getting and using their drug of choice, and the individual cannot experience healthy personal relationships as they are obsessing over their next "fix." Numerous government studies have reported that over 50% of fatal car accidents in the U.S. today involve the use of alcohol and various other drugs, as the abuse of these substances are known to negatively affect motor skills. The negative effects of drug addiction on society are varied, but health care costs in this country alone have toppled almost 10 billion dollars and local costs in South Dakota are steadily increasing every year. The costs to the workplace in terms of lost productivity and on the job accidents that are directly related to workers having substance abuse problems are also steadily increasing annually. Drug related crime is on the rise in South Dakota, causing fear and disruptions in many of the local communities.

Most people in the state of South Dakota with a drug addiction will not be able to successfully overcome their substance abuse problem without the assistance of a drug rehabilitation program. When an addict admits that they have a substance abuse problem and that they need help, loved ones should reach out and support the individual in finding a quality drug rehab facility. Many times the addict will want to find a drug rehab center that is close to his home in South Dakota; this may not be the best available option. When an addict is going through a tough detox process and they know where they can go to purchase drugs within a short distance, they are much more likely to leave the drug rehab facility to do just that. When an individual is far away from the familiar setting in which they abused drugs, they will be more inclined to settle into the treatment process and reach their goals in terms of healing from their drug or alcohol addiction.

  • Cocaine is widely available throughout the state of South Dakota and has increased in availability in the last several years.
  • According to 2005-2006 data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), approximately 44,000 of South Dakota citizens that are aged 12 and older have reported using an illicit drug within the last 30 days.
  • According to the South Dakota Department of Health, Vicodin and other hydrocodone products are the most popular pharmaceutical substances that are abused throughout the State of South Dakota.
  • OxyContin is increasingly becoming a problem throughout South Dakota. According to Law Enforcement Officials in the state, oxycodone products have been found at meth lab sites in rural areas.
  • Heroin is not considered to be a drug threat in South Dakota, although it can be purchased throughout parts of the state in personal use quantities.
  • The use of meth is a threat to all areas of the state South Dakota and the demand for the drug has steadily increased over the last several years.
  • Marijuana is widely available throughout the state of South Dakota.
  • Club drugs such as MDMA (ecstasy), LSD and GHB are limited in South Dakota, although recently local law enforcement officials have indicated that the demand for these drugs appears to be steadily increasing.
  • Approximately 255,000 of the citizens in South Dakota have reported that using marijuana at least once a month was a "great risk".
  • Additional 2005-2006 NSDUH results have indicated that 2.32% of the citizens in South Dakota that are aged 12 or older have reported using an illicit drug at least once in the past year.
  • Approximately 9000 of the citizens in the state of South Dakota that are aged 12 and older have reported having illicit drug dependence over the last year.
  • According to a 2007 survey of high school seniors in the state of South Dakota, 28% of the female and 27% of the male students have reported abusing prescription pain pills on at least one occasion at some point in their lifetimes.

If you or someone that you care about in South Dakota has a drug addiction, contact a South Dakota drug rehab facility right now. You can speak to a drug rehab counselor that will assist you in getting the professional help that you need and deserve.

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South Dakota Drug Information and Drug Trafficking

South Dakota drug information shows that the use of methamphetamine continues to affect the rural areas, as well as the urban areas, throughout the state. This increased use and demand for methamphetamine has continued to rise over the past year. Methamphetamine has come to the attention of the public through an increasingly aware media, informed public officials from the local to national level, and concerned citizens.

Public efforts are underway by law enforcement, politicians, social service agencies and the media to further educate the public as to the dangers of methamphetamine use and abuse. In addition, marijuana is readily available in all areas of South Dakota. It continues as the most abused of the illegal controlled substances. Also, the controversial issue of "hemp" remains a high profile topic. Interstate 90, which runs east to west through South Dakota, is increasingly being used for the transportation of drugs and currency by trafficking organizations.

Drug information from South Dakota shows that cocaine is readily available throughout all parts of the state. While the availability of crack cocaine is increasing in eastern South Dakota, abuse is still limited in western sections of the state. Cocaine is obtained from Mexican sources in Sioux City, Iowa; Kansas City, Missouri, and California. Some distributors in Rapid City, South Dakota obtain cocaine from sources in the Denver area. Additionally, heroin is typically available only in personal use quantities in South Dakota.

South Dakota drug information sources share that the availability of Mexican methamphetamine continues to increase throughout the state. Methamphetamine in eastern South Dakota is obtained from sources in Sioux City, Iowa, and from sources in the western states of Texas, Arizona, and California. Methamphetamine is distributed locally by either long-time Caucasian residents or Hispanic males who have recently moved to South Dakota.

Mexican methamphetamine in western South Dakota is primarily shipped directly from cities such as Denver, Phoenix, San Francisco, and San Diego using FedEx or UPS. Small toxic labs have steadily increased over the last few years. Local lab operators are obtaining chemicals at local hardware stores, truck stops, and department stores. Production capabilities of these small labs are usually less than one ounce. The stealing of anhydrous ammonia fertilizer from farm supply stores and farmers has also emerged as a serious problem in this agricultural state.

MDMA (Ecstasy) in eastern South Dakota is limited but appears to be increasing. MDMA is more readily available in western portions of South Dakota; however, the number of rave parties remains stable. Law enforcement in South Dakota reports limited availability of LSD.

As with the rest of the country, marijuana is readily available throughout South Dakota. Multi-hundred pound quantities are transported into the state from the southwest border of the United States. Smaller quantities are also shipped via express mail services or purchased from Hispanic males in the Sioux City area and driven back to Sioux Falls.

Higher purity marijuana is produced in indoor grow operations in the Sioux Falls area, which typically contain less than 100 plants. Larger indoor operations have been found in the Rapid City area in western South Dakota, ranging from a few plants to several hundred. During the past few years, members of the Oglala Sioux Tribe have attempted to plant fields of "hemp" on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Intelligence reports indicate that high purity "BC Bud" marijuana may now be available in South Dakota.

Drug information notes that OxyContin is a growing problem throughout South Dakota, and has been found at methamphetamine laboratory sites. According to the South Dakota Department of Health, hydrocodone products, codeine, and Darvocet-N are the most popular abused pharmaceutical substances in the state. They are obtained by forged prescriptions and by phony call-ins.

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